The Grown Up Grab Bag

4 bottles of Manager’s recommendation wines (specify your style/flavor at checkout)
Plus, at least one surprise goody

Pool Pack

A Four Pack of the Copper Cans Moscow Mules
A four Pack of the Pinckney Bend Gin and Tonic in cans
A six pack of mix and match beers from craft breweries around the state (you can let us know a style and we can fix it up)

Man-Cave Pack

A Four pack of Boulevard Brewing Whiskey Stout Beer
1 Bottle of Missouri Crafted Whiskey (choose from Pincney Bend Rested Whiskey, Rieger Sporting KC Whiskey, Ozark Distillery Bourbon Whiskey or Crown Valley Distilling Coldwater Whiskey)

Kitchen Quarantine Pack

1 large family bag of original Billy Goat Potato Chips
1 package hot bacon cheddar dip
1 bag glazed pecans
1 package breakfast scones mix
1 package of gourmet brownie mix
1/2 pound of rise and shine coffee (can be substituted for another flavor)
1 jar Beautiful Day Farms jam
1 bar of homemade kitchen sea salt soap